I have been a potter for more than 24 years. I first started throwing pots at the art department of East Leyden high school in Franklin Park Illinois under the instruction of Merle Hummell. My time in the classroom was well spent, earning two consecutive "Best of Show" Honors in ceramic art competition, and winning the Senior Fine Art Award. I spent most of my spare time when not in class in the ceramics lab throwing as much as I could, sometimes after school hours had ended. As I like to say, I must have "Mud in the Blood".


When I was 19 I moved to California. I found a place called Blossom Hill Crafts in Los Gatos CA, where I found a home for clay for the next decade. I met many wonderful artists there, and sold in dozens of art shows and exhibitions there over the years. Including the Studio sale held three times a year, as well as the Silicon Valley Open Studios tour.

I've shown my work on and off over all these years at many local galleries, studio sales, and art tours.Ten years ago. I joined a group of potter friends in constructing several wood burning kilns, a soda kiln, and a salt kiln in the Spring Valley hills outside San Jose CA. Working with my friends to build and fire these kilns from the ground up has been one of the most rewarding ceramic experiences of my life. It was around that time I made my love of clay my business. Partners and I purchasing the local clay and glaze manufacturing businesses. That has been very rewarding. I have learned so much, and met so many wonderful people, I feel blessed to have become part of the clay community.

Thanks for reading!

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