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Working as a web administrator certainly has it's benefits.
Here are a few links I've come across to pass the time.
Most are entertaining, some are hilarious,  some totally stupid.

I hope you have fun.

If you'd like to submit one, let me know.

You got a date Wednesday Baby!!!
What's your pimp handle Yo?
I am a friend of the COMPUTER MAN
This is just not good for anyone to see, so don't look
Where is the airplane?
This should waste quite a bit of time
This could be the funniest thing I have seen in my life up to this point.
The Dopest freestyle Rap on the internet yo!
Programming Language Inventor  OR   Serial Killer??
Just incase you are the only one on earth who hasn't seen this
It's pierogi time!!
Oh damn... It's on now!
Mommy Mommy, can I have a Turd-Twister for Christmas?
Super Skelator Disco
Have you seen Harry Potter???????
Make your own movie you can share with friends
Do you remember where you were when you first heard of the ICON WAR?
Go streaking through the Quad with "Frank the Tank" from Old School!
Star wars kid "remix"
Tha Shizzolator..
Play 20 Questions. This thing is GOOD
What NOT to do on an airplane
I don't even know what to say..
You put your weed in it!!
The return of Mini-Putt!!
I'm gonna also need you to come in on Sunday.. Mmkay?
Woo Hoo! Polar Rescue
Pearls Before Swine.... this really really pisses me off!
TROGDOR!!!!!!! The Burninator!!!!!!
Beer is good for you
Gridlock - Can you get past level 40? I did :-)
The Best movie review of "Signs" ever!
Cute lil flash games
How far can you throw a paper airplane? I sent one 102 ft.
I LOVE the Mini-Mizer!
The very very secret diaries of the lord of the rings
Domo-Kun Challenge
Simon Swears
What "Office Space" character are you?
Snowball Pinball
Escape from Ass-Rape Island
Slime Volleyball
Mr. Show Wav Files
Gee.. Your Ass smells TERIFFIC!
The Apocalypse has got to be near.. I swear..
Make your own Paper Mache Satan
Buffy's swearing keyboard
I've got my EYE on you Focker!
Play Toboggan Run
This is very very disturbing
Send your best pal's a Pee-Mail
My god this is lame.. the lego bible?!
Enter a Zen state with  your own Origami boulder
Mr. Stabby
What's your pirate name?
Arnold Crank Call #1
Arnold Crank Call #2
Mohsye games
The BEST store on the web
My Record Collection
Me like pie!
Totally kick ass racing game!!
The Ultra-interactive-kung-fu-mixer
For all you World Cup fans - Super Free Kick!
Ever read one of those web-site error pages? Read this one..
Another error page...
The Enron Voicemail system
Five Finger Filet..
What time is it??
3-D Pong
Everything you ever wanted to know about poo
PONG, It's not just a game..
Learn your ABC's
It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time
Free Hardcore PORN!
I'm a cow
How Gay are you? Ya big fag..
Don't try this at home
I'm a neutral good elf bard fighter
The Dude abides..
What is your STAR WARS name?
Wanna Play Pitfire Hangman?
They all look the same, right?
hobbit name generator
Ghetto Delta Airlines
Evil Kitty
Virtual Stapler
Marbles Game
South Park Pinball
Super Fighter
The WTC Guy
Tourist of Death
Alcohol may impair more than you think
Fun with Ken & Barbi
At least I'm not one of these Freaks
Mini Golf?
Ever burn ants with a magnifying glass as a kid?
Anything can happen at ZOMBO
Robot Frank
Super cool Fighting flash movie
All your base are belong to us
How to impress your date
Make your own Comic Strip
Turn your PC into a  MAC
How to Dance
Ernie's house of Whoopass

Dress Up Jesus

Christian movie reviews

Run Ronnie Run (a Mr. Show movie)

Malkovitch this web page!


Britney's Guide to Semiconductor Physics

The GOD that is MAHIR

The strange things people put in their ass

If men and women could swap bodies for a day

Test your reflexes

Pink Slip Panic