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Saggar pottery before it is loaded into the saggar box   Saggar pots loaded in the kiln and ready to fire   Saggar pots just after the kiln is opened
Before                                   During                                    After
I learn more about saggar firing with each firing I do. I have been saggar firing for the last 6 years. My first attempts were promising and left me aching to try more. I had taken an old raku kiln, filled it half way with sawdust, blocking out a small opening in the bottom of the sawdust for a burner to poke in, and loaded it with five pots. I topped it off with some driftwood, salt, copper wire, copper carbonate, put the lid on, and let her rip.. I basically converted the entire kiln into a saggar! I was hooked. 
A short time after that my friend Shawn and I jumped in his Mazda, drove to a brick supplier, loaded up the trunk with as many fire bricks as it would hold, drove to the studio and started building saggars. We experimented with many different loading, firing, slip making, and surface treatment techniques until the results were consistent.
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